Diesel x London College of Fashion

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Diesel x London College of Fashion Flagship Store takeover was a project developed in 2016. Five LCF teams took part in a competition for the takeover of the fashion brand London flagship store for the month of August, involving research, internal design, external design, marketing communication plan and launch event. The winning team: Laksamee Jong, Maxime Laprade, Griselda Ibarra, Irene Rodriguez and Eshaan Dhingra, saw its concept applied to the store.

Diesel Artistic Director, Nicola Formichetti adds: “Supporting young talent and fostering creativity is something very dear to me and to Diesel. It is by supporting those new talents that we are helping create the creative minds of tomorrow.”

The original idea celebrated the history of Covent Garden. The design interpreted the story of its 16th-19th century flower sellers- some of them doubling as prostitutes – throughout the three floors of the store.

The first floor was the flower market – a denim market for the occasion : the first moment, in the daylight. The ground-floor was designed as a street, the place where the flower sellers used to meet their ‘clients’ in the evening. The basement was the brothel, where the magic happened at night.

The winning team with Filip Novak from Novakomms. Photo credit: Novakomms.

The concept was adapted to Diesel’s marketing and merchandising criteria, matching the brand’s vision. It was then made alive with the help of the renowned florist Grace & Thorn. The use of guerrilla marketing, social media and the organization of a surprising launch event (including a tattoo artist and flower-cocktails) gave the final note to this bold and innovative enterprise.

The project focused on giving a whole experience that would immerse the fashion consumer into the brand’s world when also offering a local adventure into London’s history. As a result, the brand was celebrated globally, offering an innovative retail experience, and locally, affirming its position as one of the forward-looking brand in the area.



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