Culturia is a non-profit cultural organization founded in Paris in 2012 and directed by Maxime Laprade until 2014. It is now under the direction of another elected chairman.

Culturia promotes the art of tomorrow by showcasing young artists’ works in curated exhibitions and on its website. Between 2012 and 2014, the team organized four exhibitions: Silence & Noise, One Way, Eternal Silence & Noise and Touche d’Art in cultural centers and galleries.

One of the main organization’s objective is to challenge curatorial practices by giving the power back to the visitor in the gallery, offering interactive and participative experiences.

Touche d’Arts, performance during the opening night, Russian Tea Room Gallery, Paris, January 2014.
Events room during One Way, an exhibition about an exeprience of India at La Maison des Ensembles, Paris, November 2012.


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