I knew a guy named Daniel. He was a sex friend. We saw each other for a year. He made me understand, despite his intentions, that I wanted more and I know what it was now – and still is : I want love. Everybody wants love. But I became some kind of a Nikita in the department. Love has always been a dream, a dream only. Yeah… being in love has never really brought me anything good and suffering is not my thing. Love became scary. However, allowing the sacrifice is not a way of life. I still believe that in some way, love is what makes life worth it. I am a hidden romantic. But that comes with taking risks and I don’t want to be afraid of the sad songs. If I feel bad, I can just remember that’s why they call it the blues, and I’ll be fine. I already had my heart broken and I’m still standing, so what’s a second, a third or a fourth time ? Detox is over. I am a Rocket Man, ready for a new journey. Maybe your song can have the same melody as mine, and if it’s only a candle in the wind, let’s make it a beautiful one. So I won’t even say : « don’t go breaking my heart », because, who knows right? But get ready, the bitch is back. And usually, she ain’t playing.

In the honor of the fabulous heart glasses of Sir. Elton Hercules John. #e04847


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